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First Impressions

What kind of impression does your business address make on your prospect?  Remember, you never have a second chance to make a good first impression.  So, what is the value of making a good first impression?

When selling your product or service, do you prefer:

  1. Your potential client to let you know their reservations about doing business with you
  2. Your potential client to keep their reservations to themselves?

Of course, you prefer them to let you know.  That way, you have a chance to address their concern.

A potential client will look at or notice two things immediately when dealing with a company for the first time:

  1. What does their website look like?
  2. Where are they located?

The website is obvious, but why do people care about where I am located?  With all of the scams out there nowadays, people want to know they are doing business with a reputable company with an established presence in their community.

Are these viable options?

Which business address, if any, would give the potential client the most comfort?

Business Address               Residential Address               No Address

PO Boxes                                                               Residential Address                                                            No Address

What questions could a prospect have with each of these?

  1. PO BOX – why don’t they have an office that I could visit if I wanted to?  A PO Box can be set up and/or closed quickly, is this a fly by night company I am dealing with?
  2. Residential Address – why do they work out of their house?  Are they committed to their business enough to get an office?
  3. No Address – is this company legit?  What established company doesn’t have an address?

The issue with these options is that the prospect will probably never come out and ask you these questions.  Instead, they just put doubt in their mind.  That doubt makes your job of convincing them to do business with you a little more difficult.

Virtual Office Solution

Cost Effective Solution for a Professional Business Address

How do the above options compare to having a business address in a professional office building in a well-known part of town?  The business address gives them confidence in the legitimacy and staying power of your business.  All you have to do is convince them of the value of your product or service.

Office Space for Professional Businesses

You may be thinking, but having office space in an office building is an expense that I can’t afford right now.  However, there are virtual office solutions that give you the ability to use a professional address for a small monthly fee.

We posed the question earlier of is there any value to making a good first impression.  Maybe the better question would be, what is the COST of making a bad first impression?  Compare that cost vs the cost of the virtual office and make the decision that is best for your company.

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