Attracting Flies with Honey

is a saying you hear all the time.  Obviously, it is true when it comes to attracting flies, but does it have any validity within an Executive Office Suites environment/culture?

Many companies employ a culture of high pressure and fear of job loss to motivate employees to be more productive.  While that approach can lead to short term spikes in productivity and profitability, it is hard to sustain over time, as employees eventually will succumb to the stress or worse yet, become disengaged.  Disengaged employees have higher absenteeism, more on the job accidents, and more errors and defects, which leads to lower productivity and lower profitability.

So, what do employees want?  More money and more perks – right?  Actually, most employees prefer workplace wellbeing to material benefits, and workplace wellbeing comes from a positive work environment (positive culture).

According to Emma Seppala and Kim Cameron in their article “Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive” published in the Harvard Business Review, the

We follow the FISH! Philosophy, which has 4 easy to follow principles:

Fish PhilosophyHave fun – we are in the office more hours than we are awake at home, so we might as well make it fun and get our customers involved in the fun 

Be there – whether talking to a coworker or a client, be 100% focused on that conversation and be in the moment

 Make their day – go out of your way each and every day to do something memorable for your client or coworker

Choose your attitude – only you get to decide what your attitude will be each day, not the weather, not the traffic, not your significant other – only YOU get to choose

@  Avalon Suites office space Houston making someone’s day is our #1 priority just read our reviews by our Full Service Office Space Clients and Virtual Office Clients!


Article written by Todd Kubecka Regional Manager, posted by Penny Morgan Marketing and Finance Director.

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