The Avalon Solution

  • Economy of Scale
    The ability to offer greater services with lower cost to stretch your dollar.
  • Service Packages
    Offering a wide range of services with one flat monthly fee giving you the ability to budget.
  • Virtual Departments
    We become your office, IT and facilities department allowing you more time to focus on your business.
If you’re a company of five people your average annual budget for IT, office space, and facilities including staff would be $80,000 to $120,000 per year. At Avalon, your annual cost is about $40,000. With a 4-month minimum term commitment you enjoy the savings without risk. Avalon office solutions are flexible, so as you grow and your needs change, your offices and services can change, too.
The Avalon value proposition can benefit your business whether you’re a new company just getting started, a professional Service firm wanting no-hassle cost-effective offices or an established company wanting to expand to the Houston area with minimum risk. We are flexible to meet your company’s needs.

  • Start-Ups
    @ Avalon, we know the two biggest challenges facing new companies are limited financial resources and time. Our space and service packages takes these head-on, significantly extending a Start-up’s money while allowing it to focus on its core business. No need to commit vital capital on a long-term lease and office furnishings as well as the staff to maintain it. No distractions related to sourcing and installing furniture, phone systems, IT and office equipment. Ditto for day-to-day management of all of the above – Avalon takes care of it all. Locating a Start-up @ Avalon results in savings in cash and increases in productivity that can make all the difference for creating success.
  • Professional Service Firms
    It’s all about providing great service. But for professional service firms to make money, it’s all about overhead — low overhead. Avalon helps professional service firms reconcile both, providing space and service packages that can dramatically reduce overhead costs providing the office space, resources and support needed to provide outstanding, professional service. State of the art conference rooms, beautiful furnishings, a full-suite of office printing, communication and copying equipment, VoIP phone and voice mail systems, and most important, the helpful Avalon team, all become an extension of the team. Because it’s all about great service.
  • Houston Regional Office
    For large or small companies wanting to extend their presence to the Central United States Central or specifically the Houston area, Avalon creates a rapid, easy, cost-effective and flexible turn-key solution. Rapid because we can have a customer up and running in one work-day. Easy because the only thing a company has to do is move in and get to work. Cost effective because there is no capital outlay for equipment, furnishings or office and IT management staff. Flexible because you can choose the length of your lease and expand or reduce space as needed. Avalon is designed to provide a risk-free entry into the Houston Market.
  • Expanding Business or Swing Space
    Whether you’re rapidly expanding or remodeling your current offices, Avalon offers the short term flexible space to house your company while keeping your productivity high. With our great location, modern furnishings and high technology infrastructure, your company can swing in and swing out of our facility seamlessly.
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