Why choose Avalon Suites?

  • Flexible terms -
    With direct or sublease space, you’d have to commit to a multiyear lease. At Avalon Suites we offer 4, 6 and 12 month terms. You can extend and automatically renew your terms as well.
  • Common Area Amenities -
    As your clients or vendors arrive, they will be greeted by our professional staff in the well-appointed attractive reception area. There is a café complete with complementary coffee and tea for your guests as they wait. With shared conference rooms including a state-of-the-art executive board room you and your guests have a much broader group of rooms for your use than you would otherwise have in direct or sublease space. We maintain and take care of the day to day office environment so you can focus on your business.
  • Full Service Offices -
    Our offices are fully furnished with desks, chairs, file storage and many have couches. All the offices are wired with high technology Internet including both wired and wireless access. We have virtual local area networks (VLANS) to assure your connection is secure. As you compare your office needs you will find our office solutions require less square footage because you don’t need dedicated conference rooms, reception area and café spaces with your own space. You only pay for what you use and you can save time and energy because we maintain all the common spaces for you.

Who uses Avalon Suites ?

Our Executive office suites offer a unique alternative to traditional office space. Without the upfront capital overhead and move-in ready space.

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